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Retractable Screens / Storm Doors

Retractable Screens

Mirage Retractable ScreenMirage Retractable Screens are manufactured with experience because they have been building their product for over 20 years.  Mirage screens are precision engineered with stainless steel fasteners and plastic components being built with UV and impact resistant plastic.  The aluminum housing has a premium paint finish.

There are a number of threshold adapters that can accommodate a number of installations.  There are options such as, pet mesh and speed reducers that make these screens even better.

The following are the 7 standard colors:

Mirage Retractable Screen Colors

There are 35 other Diamond finishes and 10 woodgrain finishes that are also available for an upcharge.

Mirage retractable screens are backed by a limited lifetime warranty to give you piece of mind.  Life happens, which is why we stock replacement screen mesh and are able to re-screen your retractable screen if it gets damaged.

 Mirage Retractable Screen Brochure

Storm Doors

Larson Storm doors can be broken down into four different categories: FullView, Retractable Screen, Ventilating and Security.


FullView doors add style and efficiency to an entry door.  Full glass allows maximum sunlight to enter into a home.  The majority of the FullView doors come with an interchangeable screen that allows you to switch from efficiency in the winter to ventilation in the summer.  There are 7 different exterior colors and 4 different hardware finishes.  There is a large selection of FullView doors that are stylish and add protection.

Retractable Screen

Larson Storm DoorRetractable Screen (Screen Away) doors conveniently turn your storm door into a screen door.  This style of door has a cassette (housing) at the top of the door in which the screen retracts back into when the glass panel is pulled up.  This style of door offers the advantage of not having to look through the screen in the winter and conveniently being able to pull the screen down when ventilation is required.  The 7 standard colors are available on most models along with the 4 colors of hardware.


Ventilating screens offer fixed screens, making ventilation simple.  This is the most basic option and offers an economical way to achieve efficiency and ventilation.  There are up to 4 exterior colors and 2 hardware colors that are available.  There are options to have pet doors in this style of storm door.


Security doors are just that, extra protection for your family.  They are constructed with 1-1/2” thick aluminum and offer a handle with a built in deadbolt.  One of the styles even comes with a multi-Point Lock that allow the door to lock at the top and the bottom of the door; further increasing security.

Larson Storm Door Brochure


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