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Steel-Craft’s Commercial Door Series sets industry standards. Starting out with the utmost quality of raw materials in combination with state of the art manufacturing processes make Steel-Craft renowned for quality.


Thermodor (TD Series) With the TD Series of overhead doors you again have limitless choices: from the insulation value (TD134- R 16.04 & TD138- R 12.60), the sizes of glazed units, exhaust ports, chain hoist or electric operators. With a twice painted exterior for durability, to continuous internal reinforcing for hinges, the TD series of doors is built to last.



Vision Panels (SA Series) Steel-Craft’s vision panels are ahead of the industry with leading edge designs and lightweight construction. Two different panel configurations offer countless options and deigns.

The SA 6000 series of doors offers seamless panel designs as there are no vertical supports due to their lightweight construction. Save money on lighting in your shop by incorporating the door that offers the most light transference in the industry. With built in integral struts increases durability and reduces installation time. The SA 6000 is available in either double wall polycarbonate or triple wall carbonate depending on your efficiency needs. And with 6 different poly carbonate color options to choose from it is sure to blend in nicely with your building.

Steelcraft SA6000 Aluminum Overhead Doors



The SA 7000 series of doors is similar to the 6000 only it uses sealed units (glass) instead of polycarbonate which allows for a higher insulation value as well as the ability to coordinate the color of glass to match your building. If using glass options you are able to achieve higher levels of light transference over a polycarbonate, as well when used in car wash applications you are able to see if the vehicle in front of you is done.

Steel-Craft SA7000 Overhead Doors


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