Master Keying

Master key systems can be designed as simple or complicated as required.

Have a couple of rental properties? Have them all master keyed so you only need one key on your ring instead of many increasing the risk of losing one of your keys.

Have 200 employees, 5 of which can go in all of the doors, 30 can go into rooms A and B, 100 can open the front door but no offices and 65 others can only enter through 1 door.

In any facility or organization, it is important to maintain the integrity of your key system.
You need to know what every key in your facility opens, and who has been issued each key.

A master key system is designed to manage personnel key issue records, and is an ideal solution to key security issues for hospitals, colleges and universities, government facilities, military bases, and any facility or organization with a large number of keys and personnel to manage.