Bay and Bow

Custom Clad Bay WindowA bay window is a window that projects outward from the main walls of your home.  A bow window projects out from the wall just like a bay window but is constructed with more than 3 units (Typically 4 or 5 Windows Wide).

All the different lines of windows that we sell offer a bay and bow window.  Bay and Bow windows can be constructed using a combination of Casements, Awnings, Double Hungs and Picture Windows and are able to come with all of the options that its windows offer.

In both Bow and Bay windows, there is an option for Framed Wall and Straight Wall installations.

A straight wall bay window comes with a head and seat (A box that is attached to the windows that gives you a ledge to sit on.)

A framed wall bay window has a floor that extends out from the home and allows you to walk out into the bay or bow (There is no ledge with a framed wall bay window.)


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