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Jeld-Wen ES7000 Pvc Casement

The JELD-WEN Willmar Collection’s vinyl (Pvc) Ener-smart 7000 (ES7000) line offers ample ability to customize your windows to suit your new construction or remodeling projects. Design options; such as various brickmould trims and simulated divided lites, provide a more traditional appearance not commonly found in vinyl windows.

A Casement window compliments the simplicity of modern design. Opening wide and outward like a door, casement windows are easy to clean and provide optimal air circulation. The ES7000 Casement has 3 forms of weatherstripping; which makes it a very tight sealing window; which is why is optimal for our harsh weather. The Casement can open out to the right or left handing is determined by which side the window is hinged on from the outside.

The ES7000 Casement uses Edgetech Superspacer which reduces any condensation that might form on your windows in the winter.

ES7000 Casements come standard with multi-point locking hardware and adjustable metal sash snubbers.

ES7000 Casements give you 2 solid colors (White and Desert Sand) and have 9 painted exterior colors (French Vanilla, Ivory, Desert Sand, Windswept Smoke, Commercial Brown, Chesnut Bronze, Moonlit Moss, Black and Arctic Silver)

These casements offer the option of grilles between the glass or to have Simulated Divided Lites (SDL’s) to help you give the appearance of a traditional window.



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Siteline Collection Casements offer standard Stainless Steel Hardware with Multi-Point Locking hardware. There are 3 standard hardware finishes (White, Desert Sand and Chesnut Bronze) and 4 optional hardware finishes (Brushed Chrome, Polished Brass, Antique Brass and Oil Rubbed Bronze). There are 3 styles of handles (T-Handle, Round Knob and the standard folding nested handle)

Siteline Collection windows offer Jeld-Wen’s patented Auralast Wood and is offered in natural wood and aluminum clad exterior. Aurolast Wood does not rot and features Jeld-Wen’s proprietary water-based wood protection process. It provides virtually 100 percent penetration of the wood and allows Jeld-Wen to offer a Lifetime Warranty against rot, water saturation and termite infestation. Siteline Collection windows are available in Aurolast Pine, Alder and Mixed Grain Douglas Fir.

Siteline Collection windows come standard with a baked on powder coated finish. There are 9 standard colours with an extra 18 optional colours. There are 7 anodized colours that are also available. As an option, Siteline Collection windows offer Kynar 500 finish to their windows which is a finish that delivers one of the highest levels of protection in the industry.

Preserve protective film comes standard on the window glass and is applied on both interior and exterior surfaces of the glass. This saves time in final stage cleaning because it is easy to remove.

Another selling feature of this window is that these windows have Jeld-Wen’s patented Frame Corner Locking Key that is also silicone injected to add strength and ensure the frame cannot be penetrated by water. The Sashes and frames are also assembled with mortise and tenon joints.

Siteline Collection windows come standard with BetterVue screens which keeps more insects outside while letting more natural light into through the window. Phantom Rollscreens are also available as an option.

There are 10 interior prefinished colours these windows can come in, as well as having the option of custom paints and stains.


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Custom Wood French CasementCustom Collection casements are constructed with very similar methods to Classic Collection.  Custom Collection offers all of the features that Classic Collection windows do, but has more options available such as; Push-Out casements, Tilt and Turn Casements and a French Casement.

There are more wood species available: Aurolast Pine, Knotty Alder, Vertical Grain Douglas Fir, Reclaimed Douglas Fir, Mahogany, Oak, Walnut, Cherry and Custom Species are available.  FSC certified wood is available.

There are more exterior aluminum trims available: Adams, Flat, Brickmould, Manchester and Pendleton.  3 Copper Finishes are also available for exterior cladding.

There are 41 standard exterior Kynar Finishes, with custom colours available.

Push Out Casements offer homeowners the option of a window that gives an old world feel.  These windows come with hinged screens with hidden magnetic closures and the option of a stay bar that will hold the window sash open in windy conditions.  With a multi-point locking handle the performance of the window is not compromised.

Tilt and Turn Casements

This style of window is inspired by European trends allowing homeowners to use the window as a casement or a hopper depending on how they want the room ventilated.  This style of casement tilts or swings into the room which is very practical in windy conditions.

French Casement

French casements have similar functionality to a double outswing door.  Both sashes crank outward and allow for a large screened opening.

Pella Designer Series Casements

Pella Designer Series casements offer the option of having between the glass blinds or shades.  This style of casement comes standard in Tripane.  There is a dual glazed sealed unit on the exterior with a hinged panel on the inside which gives access to the blinds that are sealed inside.

Available in 4 different species of wood available: Pine, Douglas Fir, Mahogany and Alder.  This window has 9 different pre-finish options.

In addition Pella has 9 different colours of shades and 12 different colours of shades; 3 of which are room darkening.

There are 27 different exterior Low Maintenance Cladded Colours.