Although not quite as energy efficient as its very similar product “The duette”, the applause is an excellent option to get a honeycomb shade; just with less fabric options and without the Architella options.  The cellular honeycomb shape of the applause still offers great energy saving insulation through their air pocket.  The applause honeycomb adds up to 27% energy savings.

The same lifetime warranties apply, but there are not as many color or pleat options.

Available Pleat sizes

  • 3/8”
  • ¾”

This product is available in Top-Down/Bottom Up, Bottom Up and Duolite (2 fabric options in one window covering)

Applause Honeycombs are available with the following lifting systems:

  • PowerView®
  • UltraGlide® – a retractable cord with a self-lowering feature
  • LiteRise® – cordless lifting system
  • Vertiglide™ – cordless, side-to-side operation
  • Simplelift – cordless lifting with a contoured bottom rail

Hunter Douglas Applause Honeycombs Hunter Douglas Applause Honeycombs