Designer Screen Shades

Designer Screen Shades offer sheer beauty but are very functional.  UV rays are blocked protecting furniture and flooring, yet the outdoors can light can still be filtered into a home through the screen.  The openness of the screen is typically different from one room to another.  Designer screen shades allow you to keep the same color but tweak the openness of the shade.

What is openness?

It refers to the weave density of the screen fabric.  The openness affects the degree of visibility, privacy, glare and UV blockage.

The difference between light and dark colored screens

Light colors provide a softer view, allow less heat gain and reflect light into your room; while dark colors provide a crisp view, offer superior glare control and absorb light and heat for energy efficiency.

Available Lifting Systems

  • LiteRise®
  • UltraGlide®
  • Clutch
  • PowerView®

Top Treatments Available

  • Standard Roll
  • Reverse Roll
  • Fabric-Wrapped Cassette
  • Fascia
  • Pocket
  • Fabric Valence

Bottom Treatments Available

  • Round Bottom Bar Unwrapped
  • Round Bottom Bar Fabric Wrapped
  • Flat Metal Bottom Bar Fabric Wrapped
  • Flat Metal Bottom Bar Unwrapped

Available hardware colors to match your décor:

  • White Tiara
  • Rich Cream
  • Desert Tan
  • Desert Gold
  • Gold
  • Duchess Grey
  • Nickel
  • Bronze
  • Black

Designer Screen Shades are now are available for outdoor use.  Patio Shades™, are the perfect addition to a patio or sun porch.  Create drama or add a layer of light control to any covered outdoor space.  Available fabrics are made from weather resistant, vinyl coated fiberglass yarns that are durable and easy to clean., are the perfect addition to a patio or sun porch


Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shade Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shade