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Cleaning Your Windows

Cleaning your Windows – A Guide to Help Pick a cloudy day If it is sunny, your glass cleaner may dry before you are done wiping it off. This will leave hard to remove streaks.  Start on the shady side and work around the house as the sun moves Remove the dirt off your windows… Read more »

Exterior Window Condensation

What is Exterior Window Condensation? Just like condensation on the interior pane that most people are familiar with in winter’s colder months; exterior window condensation is moisture that builds up on the window’s outer pane of glass. Why are my new highly efficient triple pane windows doing this? It may seem natural to assume that… Read more »

ADAS – What Is It and How Does It Affect Us?

Windshield Calibration Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is becoming common place in our vehicles. More than 44% of vehicles manufactured in 2020 will be produced with auto glass that includes ADAS features. These systems rely on cameras, lasers and radar to function properly. It is most common to have these camera’s mounted to your windshield…. Read more »