Automotive Locksmithing

Locked Out???  When locked out of your vehicle you have several choices of what to do.

  • You can call CAA if you have a card; this is the most inexpensive option
  • You can call a towing company, they can generally get into your vehicle but they do not always have all of the right tools and may cause damage to your vehicle
  • You can call a Certified Locksmith who has the training and knowledge to open your vehicle without causing damage. Our locksmiths are also able to cut you another key to avoid being locked out again. We have a cloning machine to also be able to cut you a duplicate transponder “chipped” key.
  • You can phone your vehicle dealership and get your vehicles “code” a number that our certified locksmith can enter into the computer and cut a key. This option is typically the most inexpensive and has a benefit of you ending up with a spare key for your vehicle. This option is only available if your dealership is open or you are able to wait for them to open.
  • The least favorable option, breaking a window, which the locksmith shop cannot help you with, but…. Alpine’s Auto Glass Division can!!!!